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Welcome to the Rhode Island Capitol Police Website

The Rhode Island Capitol Police is an agency within the Rhode Island Department of Public Safety. The members of the Capitol Police are charged with providing basic protection for life and property, enforcing all laws and ordinances, maintaining order at demonstrations and public events, preventing and repressing crime, detecting violations of the law, and apprehending violators at the Rhode Island State Capitol, its annexes and properties, as well as other state agency buildings, grounds and properties.

Capitol Police Officers operate the metal detectors and x-ray machines at the entrances to all of the courthouses, the State House, and certain state agencies. They are responsible for the screening, and if necessary searching, of employees and visitors entering these public buildings.

The Chief of the Capitol Police is appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety. Capitol Police members are also appointed by the Commissioner, and are required to attend and successfully complete any law enforcement courses that the Commissioner deems necessary.

The Rhode Island Capitol Police is an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Employer.